Dreams Yet To Be Chased

Disappointments are something that we all go through now and then. Whether you expected to reach a goal by a certain time or a relationship to last forever or someone to do something but they didn’t, the sense of pain can be enough to make many people lose hope. We have to keep in mind that what happens, the events and circumstances, has already happened and can’t be changed. What you can do though is to choose how you’re going to react to what happened. Some people use disappointments as fuel to make a change in their life while others use it as an excuse to stop trying.
Yesterday, I met a person with a same kind of approach towards life, when we were assigned a task to talk to the first stranger we meet outside the university and talk to him about his life’s worst tragedy. He was the first stranger I met.
His name is Adil. He is owns a dhaba. A young boy, of the age 24, about 5.7 feet tall, having a beard without moustaches, roughly managed curly black hair and hooded eyes, which always looked down throughout our conversation. All the time busy with his work he was answering all my questions in a very casual way.
When I asked him about the worst tragedy of his life, there was a smile on his face, with a meaning, and he said, ‘my life itself is a tragedy, what am I supposed to point out?’
This statement made by him made me a bit more curious to know about his life. I asked him to talk about some incident that completely changed the way of his living or that might have had the most influence on his life. He began to tell about it having a continuous smile on his face.
Adil has had a very beautiful childhood. He has one younger sister and one elder brother. He says that his childhood days were full of the excitement, the energy and the innocence that usually exists there. As other children of his age he also had a multitude of thoughts in his mind about what he was going to do in his future. At times he would think of becoming an engineer and seeing the power and influence of money he would desire of becoming a big businessman. According to Adil life was too easy for him, as it could have been for any normal child of his age. He took life in a very easy manner without bothering about what is going around in his family. But one day when he returned from his school, he had to peep into the happenings at his home. There were a lot of people – relatives, in his house that had come to see his father. His father was lying in his bed. He asked his elder brother about what was going on. A minor heart attack- that’s what his elder brother replied to him for the reason of this condition of his father. Adil was shocked, as for him minor and major terms didn’t matter that time, what mattered was that his father was ill and was lying in the bed. Days passed and his father recovered. This incident started fading away from Adil’s mind. He was back in his carefree life where he would go to his school in the morning and would come back late. One day when he was getting ready for his school, his father said to him, ‘why don’t you come with me today to the market, I want to buy you something, we can send a leave to your school.’ Adil was happy as he heard these words from his father. His father seldom got the time to take his family out and this time it was a lucky jackpot for Adil. His father said to him that he will go to the butchers shop first and will take Adil to the market after returning from there. Adil agreed and now started to get ready to leave for the market. Three hours passed, but his father did not return from the butchers shop yet. His mother began to worry and sent Adil out to look for his father. Adil went out to look for his father. While he was walking on the road he saw an ambulance coming with some of his neighbors in it. He forgot about his father and started to run after the ambulance out of curiosity that where was this ambulance going. The ambulance stopped outside his house and what he saw took him in the state of shock. He saw his neighbors taking out his father’s dead body from the ambulance.
Adil said that he does not remember anything after that, like what happened, what were the proceedings, the only thing that was said to him was that his father died of a heart attack, but he says that this incident was the turning point in his life. He had to leave his studies after that. He was in 5th standard that time. He worked with a mechanic. All his dreams regarding his future were shattered. The boy who dreamed of becoming an engineer and make cars at some time was now repairing the cars.
At the age 20, Adil had developed a maturity level where he was able to decide what to do with his future. He had saved enough money to start some business. He wanted to change his life. He wanted to come out of the situation that life had put him in. He got the training of mobile repairing and software updating. He opened his own shop of the same and was now happy that at least he was not doing something that his heart was never contented with. Life was now going smooth.
The 2008 turmoil in Kashmir changed the lives of many and it changed the life of Adil too. Adil met a heavy loss in his business and it finished everything in his life. He was again in the state that he came out of.
Adil had a positive approach towards life. Despite if the loses he met in his life, he was still neither angry nor disappointed. Everything that he had ever wanted in his life was taken away from him by one way or the other. He made it clear in his mind that this was not the time to chase his dreams. He has to provide a support to his family, his elder brother. He joined in the business of his elder brother who owned a dhaba, and started to work with him.
Adil concluded his story by saying, ‘I know life is not fair to anyone, I have always known that. I have seen the days in my life when we had nothing to eat in our dinner and today what I am doing is making others eat.’ Adil still has a dream that there will be a day when he will be done with all his responsibilities and then he will live for himself. His eyes were full of that confidence that one day he will prove it to the world and to himself more that he will do what he actually wanted to.

Dreams Yet To Be Chased



  1. umar · December 2, 2012

    Simply the best.

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